At VIFAC we care about you and your baby's well-being.

The support we offer will help you prepare for the future and provide a good quality life for you and your baby. Our team will listen, support and guide you at all times.

Our services



Stay at any of our assisted home centers. Your children under 5 years old are also welcome.



Receive the proper nutrition for you and your baby.

Medical and psychological care

Through different health centers, we help you to have access to medical consultations and maternal and child control, echo-sonograms and laboratory tests, attention and care for childbirth and postpartum, vitamins, folic acid and adequate medications; as well as a psychological attention to take care of your health and the one of your baby.


Support and medical consultancy

We provide you with the necessary tools to achieve self-knowledge, design and work on your life project and social skills so that you can improve personally, affectively, morally and spiritually, as well as in the care of your children.




We offer this support so you can obtain your elementary, junior high or high school certificate.


Legal advice in the adoption process

We support you with the legal advice of the process and the emotional accompaniment that the process entails

All our adoption processes are regulated by the State DIF of the corresponding VIFAC Service Center. These are transparent, legal processes that do not generate any cost for our beneficiaries.

Job training workshops

Develop your skills to start your own business or get into the labor market.

Some of our workshops are:

  • Bakery and pastries.
  • Clothing seamstress.
  • Beauty culture.
  • Acrylic nail application.
  • Crafts.


Lectures for pregnancy prevention on teenagers and sexual education

According to the OECD, Mexico occupies the first place in the world on teenager pregnancy. In VIFAC we contribute to reduce this social problem throughout by teaching teenagers about pregnancy prevention and sexual education, focussing on students, teachers and parents.


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